Credit score declines


At Magellan, we don’t credit score. We believe that our manual underwriting guarantee offers borrowers a personal service that means we approach every borrower's circumstance with an open view.

Our product ranges offer your customers a variety of flexible solutions as we can consider:

• All credit score declines from high street lenders due to impaired credit;

• Credit score declines from other specialist lenders;

• Clients with a low credit score;

• Clients with little or no credit commitments;

• Complex incomes including agency / zero hours, pensions, second jobs and investments;

• First time buyers with a family or builder gifted deposit.

Self Employed Borrowers 90 Ltv

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Alternatively you can speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team at the mortgage desk  about any of our mortgage products and services on: 0207 197 9424.