Residential Affordability Calculator

The following calculator has been provided by us to allow a professional mortgage intermediary to make a high-level assessment of an applicant's eligibility. All mortgage applications will be subjected to a further detailed assessment and validation of affordability during the underwriting process to ascertain the maximum loan available to them.

 Please refer to our Product Guide for product information.

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Annual Income Calculator

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  • Can the term be extended? (Max 35 years and <3 years beyond state retirement age)
  • Are there any children aged 11 and below? Add in child benefit and any tax credits.
  • Employed - Pension and share save contributions can be added back into net pay.
  • Self Employed - Pension, health insurance, trust fund and car lease contributions can be added back in.
  • Ltd Companies - We can use salary and share of net profit (which is usually higher than dividends).
  • Please refer to our Product Guide for more information.